Lavash Turkey Pinwheel Recipe

Makes up to 40 rollups

1/2 smoked turkey (skin bones and veins cleaned out)
2 cream cheese packets
1 cup mayonnaise
Stonewall Maine Maple Champagne Mustard to taste
sea salt and pepper to taste
4 sheets of Lavash wrap bread
diced tomatoes
fresh chopped chives
baby spinach


Place turkey in food processor and grind into crumbs.  Add softened Cream cheese and mix until slightly blended.  Add mayonnaise and mustard to preferred texture and Salt and pepper to preferred taste.  Turkey mixture should come out light and fluffy.  Spread Turkey mixture one sheet of wrap bread at a time, sprinkle diced tomatoes, and Chives. Layer spinach over 3/4’s of the wrap. Roll from the spinach side first, leaving the turkey side to seal the deal. Wrap rolls in plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 2 hours. Cut off rough ends and make slices 1” thick.


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